image for french beans at freshken

French Beans

We grow French beans from our farms to ensure quality and quantity. We have fine beans and extra fine beans. We are able to produce all year round.

Packaging is per customer specifications.

image for chillies at freshken


We have various chillies grown in our farms and by our experienced out growers. These are grown in the sunny lowlands of Kenya under irrigation. We can export the following chillies.

  • Frescno Bullet chillies
  • Habanero chillies
  • Bird Eye chillies (Demon F1) green and red

Should you require any other chillies not listed above, we are able to grow as per requirement under your confirmed order.

image for baby corn at freshken

Baby Corn

Our baby corn are harvested well tender and succulent. This is an all year round crop.

  • image for ravaya and okra from freshken
  • image for ravaya and okra from freshken

Ravaya & Okra

Okra is warm weather crop that does well in Kenya. We are able to export this crop all year round.