About Us


Freshken is a horticulture company that has gained massive experience in export quality having started as an out grower for export companies thus gaining expertise in actually growing and expected standard quality.

We pride ourselves as having understood export standards through hands on experience. In addition to being exporters, we are also producers and thus can ascertain consistence in supply and quality. Having been out growers ourselves, we have created a solid network of out growers who have confidence in us having being one of them.

Our packhouse is well equipped with state of the art cold room and packhouse. It is very near the Jomo Kenyatta Airport making it possible to ensure timely and efficient delivery.

At Freshken, the customer is the king.


To be a reknown exporter of horticultural produce as and when required by our highly valued customers.


To understand the export market with a view of keeping in touch with changing consumer trends in terms of quality and demands